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About Me

Maintaining order for longer is simple when everything is in a specific and functional place.

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I am
Yuri Flores

Clear Space, Free Mind.

We will help you put the environments in order to achieve a better balance.

I am Yuri a professional organizer located in Houston Tx, I help organize your homes and offices, simplify your lives and maximize the use of your spaces. Experience the benefits that come with good organization and enjoy the space you deserve.

Step 01.


We coordinate a meeting to be able to observe the space. At that moment we can see and hear what your needs and goals are. It can also be done by photos or video calls. According to what is observed and your objectives, we make a work plan and set the work days necessary for the project.

Step 02.


According to what is observed and your objectives, we make a work plan and set the work days necessary for the project.

Step 03.


We set the most convenient day and hours to carry out the work. We adapt to your times and requirements. We can do the work in person with your accompaniment or with all the safety regulations in your absence.

Discipline and efficiency.

The organization, the efficiency, the harmony, the decoration of the spaces have always been part of my life. I always enjoyed ordering the spaces in my house and changing the decoration and position of things, always convinced in the movement of energies.

Being methodical and always classifying, labeling and organizing things was sometimes a joke between family and friends. I always had the intuition of my talent, since I managed to make the spaces practical, efficient and that they looked better than before.



Simplicity is making the journey of life with the things you love most.

Recently I have also been certified as an Interior Planner by Things in Place (TIP Method by Marietta Vitale), as part of my search for excellence in this activity.

My passion and enthusiasm for professionalizing this activity that began as a hobby led me to achieve within the University, specializations in the following areas: Residential Organization Specialist, Workplace Productivity Specialist, Life Transition Specialist, Specialist in Home Management and Team Productivity Specialist.


At your Service .

Now I feel immensely happy that this project is a reality and I know that I am going to enjoy it because I am passionate about it and I have the talent and the necessary tools to make it successful. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do. Order is a tool and we all have access to it, the important thing is to decide to take the step and create new habits.

We offer advisory service and distance courses so that you can organize your environments with our online training.

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